Bad Fodder Figures

Episode 134 - Mixed Nuts

September 24, 2020

Host: Mike

Co-Hosts: Matt and Eric

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Xbox Pre-Orders

Bethesda Acquired by Microsoft

  • Microsoft will honour the PS5 exclusivity agreed for Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, and future Bethesda games will appear on Xbox, PC, and other consoles on a "case by case basis".
  • Gamepass impact

Spider-Man PS4/PS5 -

We talked about blind faith last show

    • Still don’t know how UI looks
    • DualSense battery life considered “strong” but no approx time given
    • How are they handling Backwards compat on day one
    • Any improvements to remote play?
    • How does PS Now work with PS5?
    • What does the new camera do? Work with PSVR?

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