Bad Fodder Figures

Episode 132 - You Don’t Like Pie?

September 14, 2020

Host: Mike

Co-Hosts: Matt and Eric

Housekeeping (as by the end of show I forget) 

  • Free Games this week on EGS: Railway Empire and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine


 - Our Baseball Mount Rushmore
 - How did our Teams do today?
 - Eric’s thoughts on the Xbox Series S announcement
 - What do we expect Wednesday with the PlayStation 5 announcement? - Can you envision the PS5 coming out after these titles? Does it Matter?:

 - Nov 10: Assassins, D2: Beyond Light
 - Nov 13: Call of Duty
 - Nov 19: Cyberpunk


Borderlands 3 Next Gen plans


Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S won't support Xbox One X backward-compatibility enhancements

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